Curling カーリング

Last Saturday I played in the annual St. Pat's Bonspiel at Annandale in Ajax. For those of you who don't know, I love curling. I played from the age of six until 20ish, and was prety much obsessed with it during high school, practicing or playing almost every day. I haven't played very much the last few years, but I always thought that I would start playing seriously again as soon as I was finished university. With moving to Japan now, I probably won't be able to do that. There are a handful of curling clubs in Japan, but I probably won't be living close enough to any of them to play more than a couple of times a year. The St. Pat's is a really fun, not very serious bonspiel, but hopefully it gives people who do not know curling an idea of what it is. I would also like everyone to notice that the shots I throw in the video are really, really good!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both the videos with the commentary. Are you guys going to be living at Yuki's parents' place? It looks like a really pretty area, but it must get a mite chilly without central heat. I loved the fridge! So clever, how does that work?
Anyway, you must be getting ready to go soon, Paul. I think that today you are in London with Sue and Grammie. Hope you have had a good day of it.

Paul Boyland said...

Yes, we will probably be living at her parents' place until aroudn October, then I will find out where I have to move for work. It was pretty cool when I went in February, but there are heaters in every room and electric blankets, etc, so it is only really a problem first thing in the morning or when you've been out all day.
How does the fridge work? I'm going to say...magnets!! Could be little tiny elves though, I'm not quite sure.